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Java Applets

Here are some Java applets written by me. The purpose of the applets is to demonstrate the behaviour of a particular system, i.e., the applets should not be considered as real simulators.
  1. Stochastic processes:
    • Dispatching problem to parallel queues is an important dynamic decision problem araising in many contexts. (2010)
    • Markov process tool lets you design an arbitrary Markov chain or process, and simulate it. (2004)
    • Queueing network applet allows you to build an arbitrary queueing network and simulate it. (2001)
    • One server queuing system demonstration shows how the backlog in server develops in time. (1999)
  2. Wireless networks:
    • Floating content applet illustrates a location specific information distribution scheme relying solely on a short range node-to-node communication in ad-hoc manner. (2010)
    • Wireless Multihop network simulator illustrating different routing strategies in large scale networks. (2007)
    • Random Waypoint (RWP) mobility model applet simulates n nodes moving according to RWP model, e.g., in a unit disk. (2004-2005)
  3. Networking:
    • TCP model applet tries to visualize the TCP AIMD rate control scheme. (2006)
    • RWA in WDM network demonstration assigns wavelengths to an arbitrarily connected network. (1997)
  4. Others:
    • Tic Tac Toe demonstration of the First Policy Iteration, fairly easy to beat. (2001)
    • Pendulum, a demonstration of classical pendulums. (2000)

Note that you need a Java enabled browser to run applets. Comments are welcome and can be emailed to esa@netlab.tkk.fi.